How to avoid the pain of a massive water bill

No one wants the shock of a huge water bill.

And no-one wants to pay for water they haven't used.

Yet your water company will charge you for all the water that goes through your meter - regardless of whether it's genuine use or leakage.

What's more, water companies are only obligated to read your meter(s) once a year. So the chances are you won't find out about a leak until you’re slapped with a six monthly bill for water you haven’t used. Ouch.

Even a tiny leak of 5,000 litres per day - the equivalent of just one faulty urinal - running for six months will cost you £3,000.

And the worst is yet to come... if you’ve endured the agony of a leak before, the sad fact is you’re nearly twice as likely to suffer the same fate again.

A burst pipe is a good indication the asset is coming to the end of its life cycle. And this is backed up by the latest research. In 2014 Claudio, Couallier and Le Gat proved the probability of you having a another pipe failure increases 187% after you've had one burst, 275% after two bursts and 362% after three bursts.[1]

So, if you fall in this category, you have even more cause to keep a watchful eye on your water use.

Luckily, it's really simple to monitor your water use with MetersPlus.

Introducing MetersPlus

Simply take a meter reading every month – or even every week if you have time. You can even do this on a smart phone, which saves you having to scribble the reading down and remember to put it into the computer later on.

After sense-checking your read, the system automatically graphs your consumption for you. It’s immediately clear if your water use has gone up, down or stayed the same.

There's no faffing around in Excel trying to work out what's going on. As you can see from the screen shot below, the graphs are beautifully presented.

What you get with this system - that you won't get anywhere else - is an accurate calculation of what your water use should be, based on real data. This is shown by the grey dashed line above. It helps you to work out if your paying more (or less) than you should be.

Finally, you can set up email or text alerts. Get an alert every time a new read is taken. Or just if your water consumption has gone up in comparison to what the software calculates you should use for that time of year. This means you can monitor your water spend at arm's length.

If a leak breaks out, you’ll spot it straight away.

And that will save you thousands of pounds and a lot of aggravation with the water board.

[1] Claudio, Couallier, Le Gat (2014) Integration of time-dependent covariates in recurrent events modelling: application to failures on drinking water networks, Journal de la Societe Francaise de Statistique, Vol. 155 No. 3 62-77