Hassle free water savings

One in a hundred non-domestic properties has a leak. If you’re the unlucky one, you’ll be wasting £32,850 per year on bills, whilst 50,000 litres per day seeps through your property - with the potential to cause serious damage.

On average, leaks run for 6.25 years; the record we’ve seen is 18 years at a primary school in North London.

People with leaks fall into two categories:

  1. You don't know you have a problem.
  2. You know you have a problem but don't have the time, funds or inclination to get it sorted.

The aim of the Water Reduction service is to take the hassle out of leakage repair.

We're not going to ask you to dredge up copies of bills going back six years. Nor will we ask you to stump up £10,000 to relay a pipe. In fact, we’re the only company in UK that finds, fixes and funds the leakage repair.

Reduce your water with six simple steps:


We accurately calculate how much water your property should use

No-one else does this.

We already know how much water you should use. Our award-winning database holds a precise calculation of water use for 613,670 non-domestic properties in the UK. From bus depots to data centres; hotels to ice rinks... if you use more than 4,000 litres of water per day you’ll be in there!

It’s not a crude benchmark such as 200 litres per bedroom at a hotel or 10 litres per pupil at a school. Each calculation is based on the facilities you have and the demand placed upon those facilities. Your property has a unique combination of facilities and demand – something a simple benchmark overlooks.

Our Complex Consumption Analysis gives us a very accurate picture of how much you should use. You can read more about it here.


We take two readings on your meter(s)

Our experienced technicians have read tens of thousands of meters over the last 11 years. They know how to read combination meters, x10 dials and even the dreaded Sensus ‘hooded dial’ type.

Nearly all meters are located on the property boundary, which means we can read them without inconveniencing you.

You can see photos of the readings. The technicians also mark the meter location on maps so you know where the meters are for future reference.


We compare how much water you should use to how much you are using

Using the two meter readings, we’ll work out how much water you use on an average day. We’ll compare this to how much water we calculate you should use, taking into account any seasonal fluctuations.

We might calculate your property to use 15,000 litres per day. And your readings may show an average use of 30,000 litres per day. In which case you might be wasting 15,000 litres every single day – or over £18,000 per year.


We’ll let you know if you can make a saving or not

If you can make a saving we’ll call you to discuss the next steps.

If your water use is ok, we’ll let you know everything’s in order.


If you want to proceed, we’ll find, fix and fund all repair works

Even now you’ve yet to pay a penny.

We’ll extend that even further. We’ll find the exact cause of your high water use and estimate how much it will cost to repair. Assuming the fix costs less than the annual saving, we’ll completely fund the works. And we’ll organise everything so you can concentrate on running your business.

If you can claim a leak allowance from your water company, one of our skilled negotiators can work on your behalf.


Use Meters Plus to monitor your water use and spot problems straight away

It's a sad fact, that once you've had a leak, you're three times more likely to have a recurrence.

Meters Plus is a handy app – very simple to use – that helps you stay on top of your water use and prevent your bills creeping up. Click here to see how you can monitor and control your spend.