"Teccura's analysis is a great way to make quick, quantifiable water savings."
"Their [Teccura's] software very quickly pinpoints abnormally high water use, allowing us to realise significant water savings within short time spans."


The Guardian

After winning the prestigious Guardian Sustainable Business Award, the paper said our service was:

"A fantastic example of how to achieve a significant impact with a good idea... Teccura has commercialised sustainability, rather than making sustainability a part of what they do."

The paper went on to report:

"Utility leak "detectives" at Teccura have identified and fixed water leaks totalling 1.1m litres a day at just 20 commercial properties in the UK.
"The company, which specialises in pinpointing hidden water, gas and electricity leaks at commercial properties for utility firms, flipped its business model 180 degrees to explore the untapped potential of solving water leaks for a wide range of other commercial customers.
"The results exposed a myriad of issues generating colossal water wastage in different industry sectors, and highlighted a pressing need for more work to be done in this field.
"Through its groundbreaking pilot project, Teccura discovered that each of the leaks at the 20 trial properties had existed for an average of 5.45 years, with one leak at a school having lasted 18 years. All the water wasted was treated and safe to drink, while the combined daily water leaks could have filled 161 Olympic swimming pools for every year they existed.
"By stopping the leaks, the company is helping to safeguard precious freshwater supplies, sustaining itself through innovative thinking, and saving its customers money. On average, each customer involved in the pilot saved £32,850 a year."