Do you trust your water company to tell you you’re paying too much?

We’ve been dealing with water companies for over 11 years. Some customers are over charged. And if you’re over charged it’s YOU that’s got to correct the mistake. The water company won’t do it for you!

We will check the following things for you:

  • Your meter size is correct in the billing system, so you're not paying too much for water and sewage standing charges.
  • Your meter isn't oversized for the volume of water you use, qualifying you for a notional downsize which reduces meter standing charges.
  • You’re in the correct surface water drainage banding.
  • You’re paying standard tariff rates when you qualify for a reduced large user tariff.
  • You qualify for a sewage abatement because some of your water use doesn’t return to the sewer
  • You should be paying trade effluent rates which are cheaper than standard sewage rates.
  • You’re not double charged for a property because the water company has two ‘in line’ meters.

If you’re worried you could be paying more than you should be... validate your bills, using our bill validation service.